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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The teams...

Once upon a time ,when people broke in their  jeans and would wander miles from their homes without any means of instant communication , only two teams mattered in the contest to rule the island and take advantage of the resulting power and influence.

Many of us would join the teams that we thought would best promote our interests and participate in elections, all of us would bitch about the results.

Three high priests would appear at 6;30 each night and give us the latest results and updates. Since they only had a few minutes, they tried to be objective and serious and avoided mentioning a team captains' skinny dipping, drunkenness or even unsavory behaviour. The anchor priests had little real power but enjoyed great fame and respect.

Power , influence and wealth still rule but the teams and rules have changed.

Game on.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

politics simplified...

I'm an old guy with no life but I've been watching Cable news for 3 years now and have gained brilliant insights into Politics, the greatest sport ever invented.

A sport that has few and ever changing rules,teams that you know about and those you don't,illusion,collusion,delusion, sex and humor.

A sport far more complex than chess, more dynamic than the the NFL and funnier than fiction.

A sport that makes your head hurt if you take it too seriously.

  You are are a player - you're not as important as you think but your instincts and understanding are better than you think.

NEXT - I don't know but soon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please Mr President....

Stay in the house today ( or on the bus).

The market is rallying as investors show a little faith in the future of our economy.

We know it's not your fault.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you President Obama...

- for showing up an hour late in the middle of the market crash to remind us it's not your fault.

- for selflessly threatening to interrupt your campaign with a " proposal" to deal with our nations problems.

- For showing you are a president of all americans by scaring the sh*t out of everyone who pays taxes or has savings instead of just your economically ignorant and government dependant liberal base.

- and thanks for keeping a low profile during this mornings' market rally

Monday, May 9, 2011

Manure nostalgia....

Today I was reminded of my halcyon days as a regional sales manager where I would sit with our leadership in meeting rooms, ponder their wisdom and courage and try to help their ideas blossom..

Now I have a shovel and a pickup truck and my garden is better for it. No donuts and coffee or pay but it was a beautiful day, I got a good workout and the manure will be good for the crops.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Attaboy Barry...

He made the right decision that although risky worked out well.

But before we get too carried away let's realize that he didn't have much choice except to send in the SEALs and bring back a body.

Can you imagine trying to explain to the Paks why there was a huge explosion in the middle of their retired Military and down the block from their West Point?

That would have been a shovel ready project from a lot of perspectives.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The haircut....

When I was about two years old, that age when the universe existed to meet my wants, my father took me to his barber to get my shoulder length hair cut. Screaming,yelling and flailing about around sharp objects continued until Jerry the barber gave up and I went home intact.

I'm beginning to understand how the Kumbayamas feel and why the've been acting the way they have lately and by reaching back into my subconcious memory I can feel their pain and understand their reaction.

All of the powers in my universe were arrayed against me in the barbershop that day in a justifiable effort. Both of them had haircuts.

Barry and his dependants face the citizenry and business ( essentially anybody not employed by or dependant on government) who have already had serious haircuts.

They hope my approach works for them - if you try to give me a haircut we'll both get hurt and it will be your fault.

It's really not fair to say that they are like terrible twos.

Demanding ice cream and a later bedtime while fighting off the haircut is more advanced.