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Friday, March 26, 2010

Financial Crisis Solved!

During an unscientific but limited canvassing of Obamacare supporters I happened upon a solution to the nations financial crisis.

Anybody that believes that the legislative and executive branchs can predict the economic impact of a bill that they themselves don't understand so precisely that they can forecast a savings 10 or 20 years in the future should like this.

If they believe that ,then they can buy up all of the current "underwater" mortgages at full value. Then, if everything goes just exactly right and as predicted they can make a small return in 8 years. If this was done today, the economy would rebound and we could go back to $5 lattes.

Caution - this is not for everybody, if you think as some do that the estimates may off by a trillion or so (in the wrong direction), then you are not ready to serve your country.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

taxes for your health....

We should be thankful that our NY state government has taken time out from dealing with a $ 9 billion deficit to be worried about obesity and our health.

I'm sure these public servants must be frustrated that they don't have the institutional power to eliminate obesity and protect citizens from the effects.

Relentless in their fight for us - they use what means they have.

They impose a tax.

When I heard the Governor say that just a few cents tax on a soda can have such a positive impact on obesity, I was hoping for even higher taxes so that more of us could have six pack abs

But I'm thankful that the tax tool is in the highly experienced hands of our state government because only they have the skill to use it with the precision needed.

Imagine the effects if the tax was too high ... skinny people stuck in storm drains and blown into traffic on windy days, anorexia?

Thank you Albany.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Message from the Congress....

We're all whores... aren't you?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Career Advice

Don't trust anybody that uses the word "problematic".

( NOTE; I heard Charles Krauthammer use it once - he 's on probation).

Monday, March 1, 2010

Expert political Opinion....

While adjusting the Food/shelter/yuks coordinates I've realized that political and economic commentary are a natural fit for the Unemtired community.


First of all, it's cheap and a lot of fun. When you have the time to sit around and watch MSNBC/CNBC/FOX etcetera the news begins to resemble an infinitely complicated and variable spectator sport, with constant innovation,exciting plays, trash talking, deception and expert analysis that is 50% incoherent and 90% proven wrong.
Think of a neverending NFL season with an infinfite number of teams, loose rules and stakes many believe to be greater than those on American Idol.

Many if not most of the Unemtired spring from the 55+ organizational purge of the past few years. In addition to living through a lot of history we've known every mutation of the backstabbing,ass kissin, suspender wearing,people person,team playin',synergistic weasel yet bred in the organizational ooze.

Finally, we are not in politics or media and therefore have no financial stake in the final product.

Oh yeah, we are connected to the real world as we think we percieve it.