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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not stupid enough...

Why won't the economy get moving again?

Why won't businesses borrow and invest or the consumer borrow and consume?

Why don't us small people respond to the policies of our government and get stimulated?

In DC, both parties and their academic enablers and think tankers agree that it's because we don't (and probably lack the capacity to) understand what they are doing for us. When they get the policies dumbed down and sound bited enough for us poor little citizens too grasp we'll respond.

Problem is that those of us who don't know the difference between fiscal and monetary policy are not collectively stupid enough to buy any of their crap.

Maybe we're hunkering down because we realize that we've just witnessed at least 20 years of federal government economic incompetence and that the current gang is raising it to a new level.

Willy balanced the budget on the tech bubble while denying and even encouraging the terrorist threat with breaks to play with cigars and Monica. Somewhere in there they decided they could legislate wealth via subprime mortgages.

W fought a necessary and expensive war poorly and naively. Then he and the GOP forgot to pay for it. Cheap money kept the party going.

When all of this hit the economic fan, we picked the smart,cool Kumbayama over the stiff,fiesty if slightly erratic tough guy. I can see why this seemed like a good choice to some of us at the time. Since then he's added a trillion bucks worth of pork to the deficit while babbling(glibly) about how it's not their fault. He failed at the one task he had the experience for, running errands for the Daly machine(although he may have got the Bronze).

Of course,We could draw confidence from the GOP which offers no detailed ideas but is currently fronted by the deep voiced , suntanned Sales Manager Boenher. Many of us unemtired are old enough to remember him coming out on the lot in a white belt and shoes to close the deal on the station wagon.

If only we were stupid enough to have confidence.