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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Each Party needs it's own Economists.

Economists have proven to be a pretty useless bunch lately - but only to us "small people".

Many of us think that the leaders of our two great parties call on the best and the brightest economists ( many of whom they used to smoke dope with in the Ivy league)to help them direct the huge economy and make the SP feel bigger.

The leaders of the big 2 know that if you look long enough you can find an economist who will predict anything and will provide justification for just about any policy.( although there are a large number of economists who are now revealing that they knew what was going to happen prior to it happening).

The Dems,academics,Greenies and Kumbaya crowd love Keynes who I think said 'if things are bad- spend more money'. This means more vote buying ,dependancy creating,agency spawning,political debt paying,worthless research funding and other job creation for the faithful.Paul Krugman is the new bearded face for Keynes, and he hasn't ever said anything that I can believe.

The GOP,Wall Street,moneyed war monger crowd love the Supply side economists who I think say ' if things are bad, reduce my taxes, I'll spend the money and you guys can fight over it'. This theory supports more wealth and power for many and the hope of more wealth and power for the rest of the faithful(many now unemployed). Art Laffer is the leading supply sider although I have trouble believing someone with hair that has darkened since the Reagan administration.

I think the SP need their own economist.


  1. Ninja
    It appears that almost everyone growing up with some time and influence from the 1950s have the same type of frustration. CAUSE_Information technology has went from the slow info transfer in the 50s, where the NEWS was mostlythe local newspaper and local news, and occasionally a couple of minutes between the music on the radio. Now, everything is on the tube, on the net and all day, every day, we see one critical issue after another.
    You look a bit like a pirate in your picture (is that a patch on your left eye?), and seem far OVERINFORMED. (NINJA go live in the woods for a week or two and leave the media out of your life and try to refind your humanism) Too many have went from the every morning black hole of the daily newspaper to an over abundance of info that comes with unemtirement. Live the life you have, void of the overconcerns, it does not appear that you will change the world any time soon, and your concerns may actually be detrimental to your longevity? What do you think?

  2. Anon,

    You make a good point, but I think the venting involved is good for all of us and good sport so I may live longer.

    We all need to remember-

    Data is not information and information is not insight.