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Friday, May 21, 2010


Governments both ours and around the world have been tossing around bigger numbers lately, where we used to say "oooh" at a billion now we say what is a trillion anyway?.

I know that they are government supplied numbers and in the case of projections are based more on principle and concept than mathematics (we're lucky if they get the plus or minus part right) but we should try to get a sense of the individual impact.

Whether your a tax payer or a tax taker the amount of burden the government places on the wealth creating parts of the economy effects you.
The tax payer implications are obvious, for the tax takers you may think "great more for my side" . Either way this may help.

With 300 million citizens , we can roughly calculate that each billion is $3.33 each.

Even more convenient for the head of a 3 person household, your share is a sawbuck.

The stimulus package,( Nancy and Harry's porkaplaooza )cost you about $2,600 bucks. In a family of three that's about 8 grand ( don't worry the kid, kids have a revolving line of credit for their part.). Don't ask me where your $8000 is , ask them.

A predator drone costs about a million bucks, that's only a third of a cent each.( Give me a bucks worth!)

Your part of the Greek bailout , through the IMF, is about $27 ( $84 for a family of three.) We could do dinner and a movie for this and really stimulate the economy.

Government spending can be fun as long as you remember your piece!

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