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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Voting guidance..

Our governments and associated institutions have driven the economy into a ditch and demonstrate little understanding of how it happened while still assuring us that the latest plan they've come up with will work.

They've spent us deeper into debt while telling us that engorging the health care system with 30 million more people without any credible operating changes will save us money.

Buying our votes with our own money is understandable as their way of keeping their jobs and power, what's really thought provoking is that they think we believe this crap.

The voters have sense enough to know that they can never sort out the details ,spin and gibberish to find out what's really going on and will just vote against any encumbent. That is a blunt yet powerful and somewhat effective tool for selecting candidates to favor.

I have an additional decision making tool...

DON'T VOTE FOR ANYBODY FROM HARVARD OR YALE.. or from the rest of the Ivy league if possible.

This came to me while drinking cofee in bed watching CNBC this morning.

Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Professor and economic adviser to Barama ( Columbia/Harvard) couldn't seem to understand why our money for small business loans pushed out through the banks was having little effect. Don't small business owners wake up every morning thinking " I hope i can borrow money today?" Do bankers start the day saying " I gotta find small business guy to borrow money whether he wants it or not?
Obviously not understanding banking or small business, Prof Warren, despite her professorship couldn't run a 7 eleven and would bring down a McD's in 6 months.

This same group of Ivies who were sure that that the plumber or dry cleaner or flower shop owner would add an employee because of a small tax credit. They assume that Joe the plumber would forget the fact that business was down and he didn't know what his health care would cost, would add an employee because they were "on sale".

In the Bush ( Yale/Harvard) years the "best and the brightest" said to us ' I know your house price and 401k have fallen and you're afraid of losing your job but here's $650 of your taxes back - Go party!.".

In my business career, I called on and met with thousands of people at many hundreds of small and large businesses and can't recall dealing directly with anybody from the Ivies.

Long ago I dated a girl whose father was an expert consultant to the government on education ( he was an intelectual and an Ivy), he didn't know what the muffler on his car did.

I worked for a family owned company run by a Northwestern Grad, who would have been worse except NW is on the fringes of the Ivy league and he spent most of his undergraduate years on Rush street.

They leave the Ivies confident they know whats' best for us and that they are destined to manage the broad sweep of history and then spend the rest of their lives hanging out with others like themselves while taking care of us.

Give me somebody from State U or Community College who knows their ass from a hole in the ground and who can dig the hole if necessary.

Thanks for listening.

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